Month: <span>December 2014</span>

Michael Pummell’s Game Composer’s Survival Guide

Michael Pummell, a great composer and friend I worked with at Acclaim lo these many years ago has released a very interesting read for anyone looking to get into game composing – The Game Composer’s Guide to Survival – AND IT’S FREE!  I know what I’m reading tonight on my Kindle.

Migration News

Happy Holidays 2014!  As part of my yearly resolutions,  I decided to move my site to WordPress…  no idea if that will help with spam, but hopefully this will be an easier way to connect with me, so please feel free to leave some comments that aren’t about SEO or quality medications.  (-:  The new…

Summer is here!

Sorry for the break between posts, but I think I have a decent excuse this time: I moved! Mostly to get my wife a shorter drive to work, but a nice side benefit is that I now have a nice finished studio, with storage for mics, cables, and instruments, a nice view of trees in…

Happy Holidays 2013

Howdy! Thought I’d drop in and lay some updates on you cats. The wedding went down without a hitch and my wife and I have been enjoying our new legitimate status for a little over a month now. Although our tans are now fading, our honeymoon to Hawaii was awesome. We spent a week in…

Long Time No Blog

Holy cow: WHERE DID THE SUMMER GO?!? Most of my time has been going into my wedding! My fiancé and I are getting married on Sept 28, 2013, so lots of projects and details to take care of. Last weekend was the bachelor party, which was attended exclusively by musicians, so you know we worked…

New Pirate 101 TV Commercial

Just finished the new Pirate101 TV spot with KingsIsle. Check it out:

Happy New Year!

2012 was a pretty full year for yours truly… in addition to scoring a couple new Wizard 101 levels (Azteca and Avalon) as well as a few TV commercials, Pirates 101 also launched on October 8! I had been working with King’s Isle for about a year and was really excited to see how the…

Azteca is Released!

KingsIsle has just released the latest Wizard 101 world, with all music by your truly!-) Azteca is a high-level world of ancient dinosaurs, hidden temples, and cosmic significance. Wizards will take on mighty foes and gain new heights of power as they race against the doomsday clock to save the Aztecosaurs and their home world….