First off: a big thanks to those who have taken the time to download The First Spell.  It’s not exactly flying off the shelves (-: but hopefully we’ll see some more response soon.

The sheet music has had some downloads, but I haven’t heard from anyone (other than Hugues!) who’s attempted to play it.  Is it too hard…  too easy?  There’s a couple spots where it might be too high or low for a particular instrument…  you could transpose those notes up or down an octave to make it easier.  Throw me some feedback in the comments and I’d be happy to take them into consideration.  I’ve started some other tracks for The Lost Levels, but some comments would help me figure out how to write the lead parts in a way that fits with your preferences.

And if you’re working on playing it, please let me know how it’s going!  Music is a process…  even the best players take time to perfect their playing!

Thanks, and I hope to hear from you soon!  -n