Just stopped in to say I’m still alive!  Summer’s been busy so far with lots of house chores:  painting some rooms, (re)painting the deck, fixing some plumbing issues…  it eats up social media time in a hurry.


I’m still composing though!  The latest (and long-awaited) Pirate 101 update is now on the test realm, complete with more Valencian music accompanying Kane and the Armada.  It was a lot of fun updating the soundtrack to Pirate 101, and revisiting the Valencian sound which uses a lot of piano – much more than I usually use.  Because of how one writes for piano, it definitely led to the structure the main Kane theme.  I wanted to write a kind of “monster” music theme for Kane.  Although the Kane character is a cold, calculating killing machine, the story comes to a tragic head in this chapter of the P101 tale, so the drama is cranked up from the rest of the world.  I still wanted to keep the calculating, merciless feel so the rest of the music has a robotic, structured, march feel to it.


Like it?  Hate it?  Let me know in the comments!  I dare you!-)


You’re going to be hearing more from me this summer, promise!