I’ve mentioned before how many listeners email me looking for sheet music for games I’ve written music for, and I just don’t have time to provide it all.  I usually write music directly into Pro Tools, so unfortunately there’s no book lying around of all the things I’ve composed.  Sometimes if I’m having live musicians play on a track, I’ll write out their part, but the rest is still just digital data.


I always encourage people to lift the tunes (that is, learn it by ear) – you can learn a LOT from transcribing things yourself – but I don’t often hear back about any results.  That all changed when Nathan emailed me detailing a project he’s undertaken to transcribe a lot of the music from Vexx.  He’s studying to be a game composer, and by the quality of his transcriptions, he’s got a really good ear!

Here’s a sample:


He’s compacted all the important parts into a lead sheet anyone could use to learn the tunes, no matter what instrument you play.  Hopefully people find this a good resource if they care to dive into the compositions.  Check out Nathan’s YT channel here. Remember to like, comment and subscribe to show Nathan that his hard work is appreciated!  Thanks Nathan!


Also received an email from another listener who’s arranging a suite of Wizard 101 tunes for her woodwind quintet.  I’ll link to any media she sends me here.