Just wanted to check in soon to let you know about a couple things:


First off, I was – ahem – googling my name (for a completely noble and not narcissistic reason) and found a new fan work I was not previously aware of:



User Texadon the Blue Kitty (I suspect that isn’t a real name) did an a cappella arrangement of several Wizard 101 themes.  Not only is it some tricky harmony, but the modulations and performance are very well performed!  Thanks Tex, I am honored!


Lastly just wanted to give you a heads up to a new project I’ll announce here soon – just waiting on some official permission.  Hopefully this endeavor will give you some insight on how I approach and produce my music.  Will you find it interesting?  I don’t know.  Is it new?  Absolutely.  (-;


Gotta go:  the ‘d’ key is broken on my laptop and I have to paste it in when a wor-command-v requires it.