In case you missed it, I posted a second Session Study for Wizard 101’s new level Empyrea, this time looking at some action music and some of the things I’m thinking about while writing it.  I’m really having a good time seeing the reactions to these videos so keep the comments and questions coming.

I just recorded some footage for the next video which will try to answer some Frequently Asked Questions I get…  there wasn’t much to look at so I turned the face cam on, but I like to do these videos in my pajamas so don’t get used to it.  (-;


So many awesome Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals out there right now for musicians!  Anybody get anything good?  I’m looking at some sound libraries and UA plugins.  Just saw an amazing library called Thrill from Native Instruments that looks like an awesome way to perform tension sounds…  you use an X-Y control, like a track pad, and control the crescendos and decrescendos at will.  What a cool concept.


Everybody has their vice…  mine is sound libraries.  I’m a junkie.