Something #1

In case you missed it, I released the first in what will become a series exploring my composition process on YT.  If you’re even remotely interested (and if not, why are you here?-) go check that out and be sure to leave a comment there (or here) on what you liked and didn’t like, what you’d like to see/hear more of and I’ll incorporate that into future vids.  It’s hard for me to know what someone who ISN’T me is interested in!


I’ve got another video in the can and will be posting that in the next few days…  it’s a combat track so I look at some specific examples of how I try to thwart* the player’s expectations and keep them off-balance in order to propel them through the fight.  I think composers tend to internalize a lot of this process; a few times while I was making the video I had to stop and try to put thoughts into words, “Wait, why DID I change the time signature there?” or, “Why do I feel like the strings need to drop out there?”

*I know, weird word and I use it a lot, but it’s really the correct word for the idea.


Something #2

I recently ran across an old hard drive containing some old game tracks that I thought had bitten the dust, but when I plugged it in, it spun up just fine and I was able to copy all those old sessions to a newer drive.  Unfortunately, most of the sessions are in Digital Performer format – which I used to use but never really loved – and now I’m using Pro Tools.  I downloaded the DP9 demo and am able to convert files to MIDI files and rebuild them in PT, but I only have a few more weeks!  So there’s something inspiring me to move faster than usual.

Something #3

I have a few more ideas for other types of videos that might be interesting (and probably quicker for me to generate):  how to build a sound library, looping music, theme development, basic music theory…  if you’ve got other ideas I’m all ears, but if not I’ll just hammer them out anyway, okay?-)