Happy Summer everyone!


As I type this I am finishing out the next Wizard 101 Musical Tour of the Spiral videos on MooShu.  I rambled on and edited it pretty heavily but could only get it down to 17:00.  Some listeners have emailed and said they like the long form in-depth detail-OCD nature of them, but looking at the YouTube analytics, not many people are watching past the first 2-4 minutes, so I will probably be focussing them a little tighter in the future, which will have the added benefit of making them easier, and therefore quicker to produce.  I do like making them, so don’t worry that I’ll stop making them…  life just does a good job at restricting the time I have to make them.  Summer’s come to Cincinnati, Ohio so I’m getting out of the cave – GASP! – and experiencing the burning yellow ball in the sky firsthand.  I’ve been taking my daughter to some local splash parks because apparently kids love the water (who knew?) so my “studio tan” might even darken a bit.


News:  I’m deep in the trenches on Crowfall.  It’s turning out a little different than I had expected, but I’m enjoying writing in a bit of a different style than I usually do.  I think there’s actually going to be a lot of content, as I’ve written quite a bit already and we’re just scratching the proverbial surface.  If you’re into awesome groundbreaking MMOs, they’ve started early access packages and you can get into the pre-alpha testing right away.  The development team is super responsive to input, so the game seems to be coming ever closer to what a lot of people are looking for.  If that’s all too alpha-ey for you, the game’s all over TWITCH so you can check out the current state of the game without getting your own feet wet.  (There sure seems to be a lot of moisture references for an update.)  If only those streamers wouldn’t TALK OVER all the music… how rude.


The Wizard101 10th Anniversary celebrations are starting to show: KILive released a new vid hinting at some of the fun to come…  which includes a remix of some of the original music I wrote for the game.  I went back into the archives and found the old sequence files and sent it to the sound guys to update and tweak out.  (Great job Krys!)  Stay tuned for more information!

thanks for listening!