All right, here we go with another Grand Experiment!  Please pass the news along to anyone who might be interested and it’ll stand a better chance of being an ongoing thing.  Also, if you have any thoughts, ideas, or general feedback that would help these things be more useful or interesting to a greater number of people, PLEASE don’t hesitate to hit me up and drop some input on me.


Below you’ll find sheet music for Marleybone Opus 1.  I’m running into naming convention problems, since I never really knew where these pieces were going when I wrote them, so unless the piece had a more descriptive title (“Mooshu Plague” or “Krokotopia Combat” for example) I’m just going to title them in the order I originally wrote them…  hence: “Opus 1.”  (I’ve seen it called “Marleybone Main Theme” which is probably accurate, but I think this will be the best way to keep everything clear.)


I’m also posting the full Remastered track, and the Playalong track, which has most of the lead parts removed to make it easier/more fun (?) to play with.


And lastly you can download (separately) the Lead/Secondary parts in all the other keys (Bb, Eb, F,) but I’m seeing far fewer interest in them…  (where my tenor and horn players at?!?)…  so maybe in the interest of getting the main stuff done quicker I skip them in the future.  Maybe people could transpose them themselves from the score?  Maybe I could provide the MIDI data so it’d be easier to pop in whatever notation software you fancy?  I dunno, let me know what you think.


nelson OUT



Marleybone_Opus1_ReducedScore Sheet Music in PDF


Marleybone_Opus1_OtherKeys Sheet Music

Marleybone_Opus1_OtherKeys Sheet Music in PDF


Marleybone_Opus1 Remastered MP3

Marleybone_Opus1 Remastered MP3 full mix audio file


Marleybone_Opus1 Playalong MP3

Marleybone_Opus1 Playalong MP3 audio track with melody lines removed to facilitate playing along (See Marleybone_Opus1_ReducedScore)