If you are very bored, you may have noticed some changes to the site. Nip here, tuck there… most notably I’ve added a ton of tracks to the MUSIC page to reflect what I’ve been up to lo these many years. Hopefully there’s some content to keep you entertained until I update again in 2025. (-;

So, usually things are pretty slow leading into the new year, but a couple weeks ago I had a nice surprise: a YT channel called Dinomite wanted to interview me about the score from Turok: Evolution that I wrote a number of years ago. So I umm’d and uhh’d my way through Dino’s well-researched questions. It’s amazing how projects have a life of their own that creators aren’t even necessarily aware of. I wasn’t at that studio for very long (couple years or so) so maybe it’s not surprising I wasn’t hooked up with some of the stuff going on… plus, I was working on a few other things while the team was dedicated to the project. For the most part I like being insulated from the day-to-day drama of the games I work on, but looking back it would have been nice to be a little more aware! Anyway, you can check out my stammering answers below. Thanks again Dinomite!

One last note: I had comments enabled for most of the pages previously. I’ve decided to keep all the discussion here in the blog section, so newcomers to the site aren’t inundated with comments that might seem out of context or confusing. I hope nobody feels that I didn’t appreciate the feedback and thoughts because I truly enjoy hearing from everyone! But as always, please feel free to engage with me here, or I’m also happy to interact on Twitter or YouTube.

Oh yeah, one more plug: CROWFALL IS COMING!-)h

I was just working on compiling the Crowfall Soundtrack, which is a reward for people who helped Kickstart the game, and realized, “Wow, this game is finally being released the year!” I started working on it… uhh… four years ago? Is that possible?!? If you’re a fan of sophisticated MMORPGs, I highly recommend you go check this game out because it is super slick and has a lot of features (Eternal Kingdoms) that demonstrate they (Art + Craft Entertainment) know players. And also, the music is pretty good too.

I might be biased though.

To celebrate, I think I’m going to take a look at the making of some Crowfall tracks in an upcoming YT video series, so if you’re interested stay tuned.

Does anyone still say that? What do you even have to tune anymore?