So yeah: I’m not going to apologize for not updating during a global pandemic, but I did want to drop in for some announcements!

The Q&A I did in Austin last year is finally live! Against all odds, they made me sound like I know what I’m talking about, and that I might even have some useful wisdom to share! We covered a lot of territory… obviously some deep dives into the making of the music of Wizard 101 and Pirate 101, but also some more general discussion about studio techniques (Pirate singing!) and how I got started with music and composing. I’ve been working online with these guys for 12 years, but this was the first chance I got to sit and talk with them IRL, so I had a great time as evidenced by the goofy grin on my mug the whole time.

In other completely surprising news: My music from the game Vexx is going to be on… vinyl! … ?! Respawned Records just announced this classic soundtrack will be cut to wax. (Is that even a phrase anybody said?). Super stoked to add to my lifetime format scorecard, but it’s so weird that a game on a digital platform is coming to an analog format! I don’t even think there are any analog source files!

And finally: I’ve added a Sheet Music link on the Main Menu… right now it’s just a link to the Sheet Music blog posts I made, but soon (how many more pandemics can there be? Wait, don’t answer that) I’ll have a better layout that’s easier to navigate. There should also be some new newsy news relatively soon regarding this time-consuming project!

If anyone has done anything with the sheet music released thus far, I would LOVE to be notified of it!