The Great Journey:  High fantasy theme for Orchestra and Magic Wand

Swashes Buckled – A wondrous pirate adventure for yarr listening pleasure

Tumbleweed: A tribute to the classic Spaghetti western scores of yore

Wizard School Waltz:  Victorian dance form with a little magical adventure thrown in

Magic Rising:  Mysterious and foreboding tale of magic and danger

The Road to the Castle:  Peppy medieval traveling music


Fish Tank:  A fun promo full of wonder and whimsy for a kid’s TV network

The NBA Jam Show:  Superfunky jam to get the oncourt action underway

Indievisuals Theme:  Adrenaline-pounding power-punk track full of youthful energy

PHS Theme:  Contemporary hippy rock with an accessible edge

Turtle Wax Funk:  Horn-based funky game show theme

Samba del Ciudad:  Hip, jazzy little samba suitable for a night on the town.  Cosmo not included.


Winds of Winter:  A desperate struggle for survival in the wilds of the north

Preparation for the Long Night:  A group of ancient warriors prepares for battle with a supernatural foe

To the Stars:  A hopeful planet launches their first starship

Misty Jungle:  Deep in a misty jungle, an ancient culture awaits their final days

The Dark Hero:  The city is in danger.  Only one person can save us…

Here Comes The Horde:  A lonely band of heroes is mankind’s last defense from the undead horde


Giant Spider Battle: Giant creepy arachnids battle brutally with bluster

Battle of Epic Mountain:  Over-the-top Classical Communist battle action!

Combat of the Titans:  Brutal, larger-than-life battle in the clouds

Eastern Sun:  Bombastic, Tongue-in-cheek Eastern combat music


Temple Under the Waterfall:  Contemplative respite from battle

Last Ride of the Vikings:  A stirring ode to the Scandinavian warriors of old

March on the Savannah:  Sunrise on the plains of war

Palace Intrigue:  The seamy underbelly of the Royal Court

Continental March:  Theme combining diverse cultures into a stirring patriotic piece


Over the Plain:  Lush, flowing theme setting the stage for dramatic storytelling

The Trail into the Clouds:  Reflective supernatural exploration of texture and tone

A Closer Look:  Thoughtful, uptempo organic piece that crescendoes to a fun finish

Cheval Island Exploration:  A folksy, pastoral scene setting


Carnival of the Damned: Disorienting calliopes, screams and clowns… so many clowns!

Alien Outbreak:  Where did these strange eggs come fro-AHHHHHHHH!

Thief:  Futuristic, dystopian underscore for criminal activities

Crime Spree:  Dark, dank synth score dripping with atmosphere