Happy Holidays 2014!  As part of my yearly resolutions,  I decided to move my site to WordPress…  no idea if that will help with spam, but hopefully this will be an easier way to connect with me, so please feel free to leave some comments that aren’t about SEO or quality medications.  (-:  The new environment will also (hopefully) be easier to update and keep up on…  I have tons of ideas but my old system was…  old.   I’ve imported some of my old blogs in case anyone wanted to catch up with the past.


Living in a smaller town forces me to do almost all of my business over the Internet, so I’m trying to get more out there to interact with other people.  In the coming weeks I’d like to start talking about some stuff I’ve been up to, and some tips I’m always discovering about writing music.  I teach a Pro Tools course a couple times a week, and my students always challenge my knowledge about the tools of the trade, so I’d like to migrate some of those lessons here.


If anyone has any thoughts, throw them at me!  I’d love to hear from you.