I’ve finally finished the second track for my upcoming album:  The Lost Levels!  It’s titled Second Spell:  The Power Rises…  it should be giving you an idea where I’m going with the album.  All music has a story behind it (even if it’s just in the composer’s head!) and the story of The Lost Levels is that of a young Magician learning his/her first spells, coming to power, and the adventures they have on the way.  This second track sees the Magician coming to grips with new abilities and powers, and the confidence that results.

And if you happen to be a musician and want to play along, please find the SheetMusic file below.  The .ZIP file contains PDF version of sheet music for instruments in C, Bb, Eb, and Bass Clef in C.  There’s even a playalong track with the melody line removed so you can record yourself playing the tune!

Please leave a comment when you’ve had a chance to download the music and let me know how you like The Lost Levels so far!


Here’s the download links…  just right-click on the button and do a Save Linked File.


The Second Spell:  The Power Rises – Full Track



The Second Spell:  The Power Rises – Playalong Track



The Second Spell:  The Power Rises – SheetMusic



“Second Spell:  The Power Rises” by Nelson Everhart is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License…  so you can remix and repost all you want!  #letsplayalong!