The first two tracks for “The Lost Levels” have been out for awhile, so I was checking the download stats:


The First Spell

Full Track: 47     Playalong: 25

Sheet Music     C: 35     Bb: 31     Eb: 34     C Bass: 20

Second Spell:  The Power Rises

Full Track: 24     Playalong: 19

Sheet Music: 23


So the first full track was downloaded almost twice as many times as the playalong, indicating more people just wanting to listen, and the second track was about even, so more playalongers (that’s not a word.  🙂   I combined the sheet music package for the second piece, but the breakdown on the first track is pretty even- which is surprising given that there are more (standard) wind instruments in Bb (Trumpet, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Tenor Sax) than in Eb (Alto Clarinet, Alto Sax) or C Bass Clef (Trombone, Bass Guitar).  It’s kind of cool that there’s interest from all walks of the wind ensemble.


Of course, the C part also is playable for piano.  I had a hard time deciding how to handle piano players for this album:  Since they’re a polyphonic instrument (they can play more than one note at a time,) they’re usually reading more complex music charts.  I thought about doing a fuller piano part incorporating more parts of the accompaniment, but it would take longer to arrange that, and I’d have to try to gauge the challenge level since players vary in their technical ability.  Also, a lot of piano players like figuring out arrangements themselves.  A lot of the mail I’ve gotten over the last few years that Wizard 101 has been out has been looking for piano sheet music (which I can’t do as King’s Isle owns the rights to the music.)  So maybe there will be a special upcoming piece in The Lost Levels.  If you’re looking for something like that, please comment so I know you’re out there.


What might be more interesting is that I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT FRENCH HORN PLAYERS IN F!!  Geez, clearly I love the instrument:  my music is full of horn parts.  Are there any horn players ticked off at me for forgetting?  Have any tried to transpose the parts?  Should I go back and transpose the parts for players?  Speak now or forever hold your hand in your bells.  (-:


Finally:  I’ve only had one submission from a wind player in the #LetsPlayAlong Challenge.  Come on!  I’d love to hear how people are interpreting the pieces- even if it’s a little rusty!  The first rule in being a creative person is the courage to put yourself out there.  In the words of somebody who’s name I forgot, from a blog I can’t remember:  don’t be afraid to suck a little.  (-:  Hmm, maybe I’ll post some of my early music so you can see how far I’ve come.


Comment!-)    -n