I never noticed how quickly the summer went by before having a school-aged kid! She continues the tradition of growling whenever we pass through a store’s Back to School sale.

And it’s been a pretty busy year so far for me as well! I just finished a piece for KingsIsle’s Wizard101 to announce the new world of Wallaru… way more new music to come before the year is out!

I’ve got a few YT vids in the works, but if you missed this one, please check it out and do all the YT things so I know there’s someone out there! (Checks subs… 925! That’s so close to 1000! Maybe you could help spread the word of the channel to anyone who might be interested? I think 1000 subscribers would warrant something special!) This was for the Nightmare Swamp release for W101… it details my downfall into the despicable world of STRINGED INSTRUMENTS!

For fans of my older games (and you know who you are!) there’s some exciting news coming soon. Suffice it to say I’ve been combing through the archives trying to remember some of my old tricks and sounds!

Revisiting old material has been a bit of a theme for the summer, as another soon-to-be-announced project had me pouring over some older tracks and giving them a bit of a glow-up! This one people have been asking for for a while, and it should have a few phases to it, so I’m hoping people jump on board so it can realize it’s full vision!

On a more boring note, I’m drowning in comment spam so I’m gonna head over and see what bot-defeating measures I can enact to get this place in order!

Let me know how your summer has gone in the comments!